Choose The Top Tourist Attraction in Peshawar For A Truly Rewarding Holiday Trip!

Do you like to go on a trip to a historical town? If your answer is yes, head straight to the oldest city in Pakistan, Peshawar for a rewarding holiday experience. From forts to museums, colleges to mosques, there are many attractions in Peshawar that you need to explore. Booking of air tickets well in advance is a must if you wish to experience a hassle-free journey. Peshawar is easily accessible from all the major destinations and there are many flights that are being operated at regular intervals.

Top Tourist Attraction in Peshawar: A Must-know For Every Visitor


Bala Hisar Fort | Image Source:

The historical city of Peshawar is a wonderful place to spend a colorful holiday. From dusk to dawn, there are many things to explore and enjoy in this quaint town. Novice travelers thronging to Peshawar must make a note of the famous attractions and plan their trip accordingly. Listed below are a few of the top attractions.

  • Bala Hisar Fort, built in 1526 is one of the top tourist attractions in Peshawar that never fails to amaze everyone. Standing majestically in the heart of the city, the fort speaks volume about the bygone era of the royals. The view of the enclosing landscapes from the fort is a sight that you will never forget!
  • Smuggler’s Bazaar is one of the vibrant places that you need to visit. The bazaar houses all types of items ranging from electronic goods to clothing, stationery to food items, you can purchase anything at this bazaar at an affordable price.
  • When in Peshawar, it is mandatory that you visit the famous Cunningham Clock Tower. Dating back to the 20th century, the tower is a major tourist attraction in Peshawar that lures in thousands of visitors every day. It is the top tourist attraction in Peshawar that every traveler must visit.
  • Another important place that you need to explore is the Peshawar Museum. The museum features some of the largest Gandharan art collection items. There are also other important collections that range from illustrated books to wooden effigies.
  • Mahabat Khan Mosque is another place of interest that siphons in many visitors on a daily basis. Built in 1630, it is one of the finest mosques in Peshawar that you need to explore during your trip.

Sharjah to Peshawar Flights Timings Can be Readily Checked Online!

Sharjah to Peshawar flights

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Major air carriers provide frequent flights between Sharjah and Peshawar. There are about ten weekly Sharjah to Peshawar flights that are operated at regular intervals. The top three flight timings are given below.

  • NL 791 from Shaheen Air departs from Sharjah at 2:25 AM and reaches Peshawar at 6:35 AM. The non-stop flight takes about three hours to reach the destination.
  • G9 554 from Air Arabia departs to Peshawar at 5:15 AM and reaches by 9:05 AM with a total travel time of about three hours.
  • G9 556 from Air Arabia is the last flight that departs from Sharjah at 7:10 AM and it reaches Peshawar at 11:00 AM.

Passengers can choose from any of these non-stop flights according to their convenience. You can also get details about the flight timings, offers and other special deals online at just the touch of a mouse. So choose the best flight to Peshawar and experience a hassle-free journey!