What are the places to visit in Multan?

The Pakistani city, Multan is situated in Punjab, Pakistan. Before the division of India, Multan was the part of India. The city OF Multan is the 5th most populous city in Pakistan. The city is also the largest in the southern Punjab Province. It was in Multan where Alexander the Great settled after being injured in the battle. The city which had once suffered during the partition of India is now again a flourishing city.

What are the places to visit in Multan?

Multan is a city of saints. Here you can find religious structures of all religions. Only in Multan, you can across a shrine, a temple, mosque and a cathedral in the same city.  This is a boastful characteristic of Multan. Some of the places to visit in Multan:

Yadgar e Shuhada Park: a nice and pleasant place for having a family outing or a picnic.

Ghanta Ghar: the oldest building in Multan. It is the Government headquarters of the city and is a very important landmark.


Ghanta Ghar | Image Source: dawn.com

Shah Rukn-e-Alam: this shrine present in Multan represents the Mughal architecture. This is the most attractive shrine in Multan. Another shrine in Multan is the shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi which is the one of the must visit places of the city.

Multan is a very old city. There are various markets and shopping streets in Multan that you can enjoy visiting. You can find various kinds of craft works, perfumes, relics and artworks in these markets of Multan. Being an Islamic state, there are several mosques in Multan. Some of them are:

Sawi Mosque: it is the largest and the oldest mosque in the city. The mosque was designed in a way that there was no roof to the building. Presently the mosque is in a dilapidated form and nobody knows who built it.

Jamia mosque: this mosque was built in 712 AD under the instructions of the ruler, Muhammad Bin Quasim who had surmounted Multan in 712 AD.

Ali Muhammad Khan Mosque: this mosque is situated in the middle of a diligent bazaar. The work if architecture shows the brilliance of Nawab Ali Muhammad Khan who was the Governor of Multan in 1757.

The Edigah: built in 735 AD by Nawab Abdul Samad Khan, the viceroy of Multan, the mosque is about a mile north of the Fort area. It has an astronomical courtyard and a hugely spread prayer chamber.

How to fly from Dubai to Multan?


Dubai to Multan Flights | Image Source:tradearabia.com

The flight distance between Dubai and Multan is covered by an International flight in a couple of hours. There are several non-stops and connecting Dubai to Multan flights making the trip every week. Online booking of these flights will provide you the facility of booking a day before, checking of the available seats and you may also get a discount. You can also choose to book hotels in Multan online.While dining in Multan, never miss the special desert of the place, ‘Multani Sohan Halwa’.