A Trip To Explore Famous Places In Kozhikode

Going on a vacation once in a while help to relax and rejuvenate. I like exploring new places and learning many facts about that place, thus for every vacation I select a new location. This times, I selected Kozhikode for spending some quality time and planned a trip such that most of the tourist places will be cover during this period.

The Journey From Sharjah To Calicut:

The vacation was planned according to the leaves obtained from the job, so the next important thing was booking of the journey ticket. The nearest airport to Kozhikode was Calicut, so I searched for various airlines providing this service and came across SpiceJet which had a good frequency of Sharjah to Calicut flights. As the booking was done in advance, I could get the tickets at a very reasonable and affordable rate. I booked an economy class ticket for the journey which was very comfortable.

Sharjah to Calicut flights

Sharjah To Calicut Flights | Image Resource : huffpost.com

Pleasant Stay At Hotel Marina Residency:

The flight reached the Calicut international airport at its reported time. I collected my luggage and then headed towards the prepaid taxi counter and booked a taxi to reach the hotel which was located in Kozhikode. The hotel was a three-star hotel which was located 30 kilometers away from the airport. It took 45 minutes to reach the destination property. The hotel was surrounded with serenity and nature’s beauty.

The hotel had various categories of rooms like the superior room, standard room, deluxe room, executive room, premium room, etc from which I opted for the deluxe room. The room was very spacious, comfortable and had a wonderful view from the windows. After a long tiring journey, I had a quick refreshing nap in the room.

Facilities Provided In The Hotel:

Te hotel was a small descent hotel which was well maintained and provided all the necessary amenities to the guests. The facilities that it provided include:

  • 24 hours room service,
  • Travel desk
  • Business facilities,
  • Recreational facilities, etc.
  • Tour de Kozhikode:

I took the help of the travel desk manager to guide some interesting places to visit. The first place that I visited was Kappad Beach, which is very famous as it is said that Vasco Da Gama landed on this beach and also has a stone monument commemorating this.

The next place that I explored was Backwaters, which includes the Canoly canal and Kallayi river, used for the purpose of boating and various water sports. Then, I visited the Thikkoti Lighthouse, which looks over the Moodadi Coast. A large variety of birds and Mussels can be observed at this place.

The trip to Calicut for visiting the various famous places was a great idea and even was executed well as I could visit all the places in my bucket list related to this place. The hotel also provided a very friendly service. It was a good place for leisure as well as business plans. This trip was the most memorable trip of my life because of the panoramic views which I captured in my heart and camera.

Dubai To Jakarta Flights Are The Loveliest Fleet Of Flights In The World

Dubai to Jakarta flights

Dubai To Jakarta Flights | Image Resource : ytimg.com

People travel on flights to save time; Dubai and Jakarta are two very important tourist destinations of the globe where millions of people travel every year. There is one thing that is common in between these two places and that is beauty as these places have been created by God and specially beautified by him. You need to be in either of these places to know how beautiful they are; Dubai is like king of the Middle East and Jakarta is like queen of the South East.

There are about 25-30 weekly flights to and fro from these destinations of different airlines. The total journey time is about 6-7 hours in full and most of the Dubai to Jakarta flights are direct flights which is because of the distance in between them. So, when you want to travel from Dubai to Jakarta which will be the best flight and what would be the best route to take, the answers to these questions are below so continue reading.

What is the present Dubai to Jakarta flights ticket fare?

Flight fares are not same all the days as it totally depends to the amount of bookings happening at a given time. This means that they keep changing on a day to day basis depending on the demand of the tickets in the market. Dubai to Jakarta flights ticket fare increases during the on seasons and decreases in the off seasons and at times it even becomes vice versa. The only thing that can be said for sure when it comes to flight tickets is that whenever you are booking tickets online be sure that you are getting the best possible rates.


Dubai| Image Resource : visitdubai.com

Dubai to Jakarta flights status importance

Flight status is always available online for people who want to keep a track of flights that are flying in between Dubai and Jakarta. Flight status is very important because this shows how long the flight will take to reach a particular destination.

So, if you are living in Jakarta and someone is coming to meet you in Dubai then you can easily get all the needed information about Dubai to Jakarta flights status through the online portals where they show the current status of flight. The word status also means seat availability and facility status in a particular date and time.

Dubai to Jakarta flights online booking facilities

The web is an ocean of opportunities where you can find everything with just a simple click. When it comes to flights they have made one of the best Dubai to Jakarta flights online booking facilities that are open 24/7 for 365 days of the year. This is a very simple as you just need to know how to use online travel portals well.

When you are booking for tickets online then you can sort Dubai to Jakarta flights time table and even filter your search results on the portal itself. This facility enables you to plan for the perfect flight as things are as clear as a book here.



Now It is Time To Go Africa With Kenya Airways!

Your life in a city can be really exhausting; especially if you live in London! The heavy traffic, the sound, the pollution; and yes your professional obligations! I too faced the problem while managing our home, as both my husband and myself were working professionals. We always had lesser time to spend with our8 year old son. Hence, it was decided to pack our bags and head for a vacation to Nairobi in Kenya.

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways | Image Resource: airportspotting.com

The most apt carrier for a direct flight was the Kenya Airways in which we booked first-class tickets for the three of us.   Our son was more excited than us. He had only seen parts of Africa on the television with channels such as National Geography and Discovery.  Now he was going to see the same place and its surroundings with his own eyes. I was amused as I heard him inquire if there would be lions and rhinos at the airport!

A Comfortable Arrival At Kenya Before Beginning Our Family Trip

We checked into a 4 star hotel named the Hilton Hotel Nairobi, which was at a distance of 18 kilometers from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Nevertheless, it took us just 25 minutes as the traffic in Nairobi was a blessing when compared to that of London. The Hilton Hotel; the brand-name says it all. There is no need to further describe how we had a relaxing stay before finalizing the spots to visit in Nairobi.

Spots That You Must Definitely Visit While You Are in Nairobi!

My husband asked a staff member at the reception of the hotel, of the best paces in Nairobi, which everyone in our family would enjoy.  The first name he suggested was the Nairobi National Park.  Our son got a special smile from the staff member, while the latter made this comment. It was a place where you could see wild animals in action. Well that’s Africa! Hence we selected a tourist guide on the discretion of the hotel and made our way into the Wilds of Africa.

Nairobi National Museum
Nairobi National Museum | Image Resource: toseeordo.com
  • Nairobi National Park: Located approximately 7 kms away from the city, the Nairobi National Park was quiet small in size compared to African standards. But this same size made it preferable for a family vacation like ours. There were lesser chances of getting lost or being exploited by the guide. We could easily get help.  The sanctuary mainly held herbivores such as rhinoceros.  Our son made a face in displeasure.
  • Uhuru Gardens: It took us an entire day at the wildlife sanctuary. After that we moved back to the Hilton Hotel Nairobi to explore places within the city itself. A place that caught our attention was the Uhuru Gardens. It is a large memorial public park that spoke a lot about the history of Kenya.
  • Nairobi National Museum:  If you speak about history, then you should definitely visit the museum, right? This place for me and my husband as the other two related more to our son’s interests. It features all the signs of the country’s heritage.

After a week, we all returned to London. This sure was a memorable trip and it was tremendously needed to get our minds away from the worries of city-life. At times, nature is the best home you can return to, for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.