Choose Turkey Airways to Explore the Best Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that is very famous for its history and culture. These main qualities are ideally blended to form the beautiful city. The main attractions and popular tourist sights are an addition to the masterpiece.

Developed in the Neolithic times, this amazing city now stands witness to the amazing culture and heritage. The city consists of several ancient and unique markets, or bazaars and many cathedrals. These spots are the perfect example of the history of the magnificent city. Below we shall provide a quick overview on the several places that are best for visiting in Istanbul.

Places worth a Visit in the City

1. Basilica Cistern: This place is very famous among the tourists and is a very romantic location. This beautiful place is proof of the system that led to the fetching of drinking water in the city. Nowadays, this amazing location is a very attractive sight decked with music and light.

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2. Aya Sofya: This prime location is suitable for tourists who look for a view of the most famous museum is Istanbul. This amazing building has several art galleries that store many antique artefacts. The thrill and adventure of visiting this amazing place is inexplicable.

3. Topkapi Palace: This is one sight that you just can’t miss when you are in Istanbul. The history of this amazing place dates back to the times when it was home to several sultans and their generations. The stylish architecture and surroundings of the place and a beautiful collection of gems is what makes this place a must visit. All you have to do is to book your tickets in Turkey Airways and you are all set.

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4. Blue Mosque: Just a little distance away from Aya Sofa and possessing a striking resemblance to its structure, this mosque is one of the best places that the tourists prefer to visit. The interiors of the place are to die for and the walls are made up of amazing tiles. Clearly an architectural masterpiece, this amazing sight has six miners to boast of.

5. Istanbul Archaeology Museum: Museums are not an ideal option for many tourists but this particular one is famous for its amazing exhibits. The main artefacts of this museum include the model of Trojan horse and the Ottoman Structures in Tiled Pavilion. Obviously, this place is a must visit for history lovers who have an interest in the lives of several famous people.

6. Chora Church: The amazing location is an ideal location for a visit. The old walls of the church are a fascinating treat to the eyes. And not to mention the stylish and beautiful mosaics that provide a breath-taking beauty to the interiors of this location. Now famous as a museum, this amazing location is certainly worth a visit if you are in Istanbul.

There are so many interesting sights and attractions in the city of Istanbul. This amazing city never fails to astonish its visitors with amazing views and locations. Do pay a visit to these beautiful sights and many more that the city has in store for you.


A guided tour to historical monuments in Delhi

Delhi is famous for its rich heritage and historical monuments, that not only tell the story of this ancient city, but have also been center of power through all ages. Delhi amalgamates the history of Mughal and Rajput empires. The times that the metropolitan has seen in the bygone days, stand tall, reflecting through the old architectural creations.

If you are planning to visit Delhi anytime soon, do not forget to take a tour to the historical monuments in Delhi. There are hop on and hop off buses available. The rides have different routes, which showcase the different sides of Delhi. You can pick the pre-customized tour route for you and enjoy exploring the history of this beautiful metropolitan.

Red fort

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Some of the key attractions about Delhi include Red fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Old fort and Humayu’s tomb. There are various historical and cultural programs, which keep on happening in the capital on frequent basis. You can catch the glimpse of the great festivals happening in the city, if you are traveling to it, during that time. Some of the highlighted festivals include Urdu Shayari Competition, open mic poetry events, Sufi music festival, theatre festivals and folk-dance festivals. Indulging in such festivals enables you to explore more about the city, like never before.

There are various budget hotels, bag packers’ hotels and luxury hotels, available as per your requirements. You can book your hotels next to railway station, interstate buses terminal and airport, depending upon your mode of commutation. If you are travelling from outside of India, then you can save a lot of time by finding a hotel in the proximity of the international airport. It will save you time and money as well.

Flights from Abu Dhabi to Delhi

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There are daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Delhi. The journey doesn’t take long and hence without any jetlag, you can continue your wonderful trip to the capital of India. You can download the flight ticket booking app in your smartphone and compare the prices of various flights listed there. It helps you save money and you can enjoy flying from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi, without putting much load on your pocket.

Awesome Things That You Can Try in Muscat

Oman is one of the most wonderful countries to pay a visit. There are various tourist attractions that you can try in this nation. Apart from doing the safari at the Jebel Harim in the Musandam Peninsula, you can also visit Muscat. This city is developing slowly and it has become very popular as a tourist sight. This city is the real pleasure with various things to see and do.

3 important things that you can try in Muscat:

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque | Image Resource :

1. Visit the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions that you can see in Muscat. It is one of the massive mosques that are built in the year 2002. It I located in the outskirts of the city and you have to take a taxi ride to reach this place.

2. The old and new Muscat

You can also hire the private driver or you can take the local buses to reach the new and old cities of Muscat. You can also hire the local guide who will take you to explore the entire city of Muscat. Apart from these, you can also visit the Souk if you love shopping, you can explore the Wadi Shab and other tourist attractions including the best museums in Dubai.

3. Museums of the Muscat

P You can find numerous museums where you can have glimpse on the history and rich culture of this country and the city too. Bait Al Zubair, The National Museum, Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, Amouage Perfumery, Natural History Museum, Bait Al-Baranda, Ghalya’s Museum of Modern Art are some of the most prominent museums of the Muscat where you must pay visit once.

Etihad Airlines

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Reaching Muscat with Etihad

There are various flights that can take you to Muscat. One of the most popular airlines is the Etihad airlines. You can book the tickets 3-4 months before so that you can get the ticket without any problem. This airline is very popular and you will feel comfortable while you are travelling here. After you reach the airport, you can get the taxi or the car that you can rent to take you to the hotel that you have booked.

Indulge in Street Shopping in Hyderabad

Unlike the supermarkets and the brand stores street shopping has its own charm. Vendors on the shops eagerly await a customer and attend with much eagerness. You would also hear the escalating high pitch of the vendors around you in the market and this city promises to give you ultimate contentment while you shop. The wide varieties of apparels, accessories, antiques, traditional and even gaudy fabrics will surely leave you dumbfounded. There are more than 5 Dubai Hyderabad Flights per day you can catch.

Dubai Hyderabad flights
Dubai Hyderabad flights

1. Koti Sultan Bazaar: Hit The Street.
This shop not only enshrines a remarkable history but also well known for its present beauty. Walking through this Bazaar can make nostalgic for its 200 years of its existence. Sauntering through the busy shop, something that would seem most enticing is the silverware. It’s a perfect amalgamation of fashion that ranges from women’s clothing, silver junk jewelry to rare show pieces and gleaming outfits exhibited in most of the shops. If you are planning to shop here, come prepared to spend a whole day and get some of the latest best deals here.

Silver Junk Jewelry
Silver Junk Jewelry | Image Source :

2. The Begum of All Bazaars: Come Here If Shopping Is Your Drug
One of the fairly cheap markets to shop in Hyderabad is the begum of All Bazaars where you will be flabbergasted by the variety of items sold here. This market has completed 150 years and is famous for cosmetics perfumes toiletries, exotic dry fruits, fresh fish and even gold and silver you can also bargain for the products you want to buy and fill your shopping bags with trendy yet cheap stuffs.

3. Nampally: Go Crazy With Astounding Deals!!
Brace yourself to be stunned by the decorated shops embellishing the area. You can get fashionable and trendy clothes along with some great accessories like bags, wallets, jewelry, footwear and bangles at throwaway prices. So don’t worry if you are on a budget because savings on products is guaranteed here. If you are among the lucky ones to visit this market in January -mid February you would witness the yearly exhibition “The Numaish” that displays a wide range of items out from the stocks.

4. Laad Bazaar: Adorning Wrists!
History says that in the period of Nizam, it was a pleasure to shop here. This commercial establishment is located on the west of Charminar and the main attraction of this market is lacquer bangles. These bangles are available in resplendent colours from stone studded gorgeous ones to the funky bangles that you would love to flaunt. Always remember to bargain and become the proud owner of the goods. Besides you can also expect a fair deal on antique items silk sarees, Kharadupattas, spices and perfume sold here.

Laad Bazaar
Laad Bazaar | Image Source :

5. Mozamjahi Market: Try Your Bargain Tricks
Known to have begun around the 7th Nizam who ruled Hyderabad from 1933 to 1935 this market is known for a local perfume called ittar, dry fruits fresh chicken, goat meat and dry fruits. The famous Karachi Bakery is also situated in this market. You can get caught in the bustling crowd of this market while trying some local perfume or tasting some dry fruits.

Mozamjahi Market
Mozamjahi Market | Image Source :

Now It is Time To Go Africa With Kenya Airways!

Your life in a city can be really exhausting; especially if you live in London! The heavy traffic, the sound, the pollution; and yes your professional obligations! I too faced the problem while managing our home, as both my husband and myself were working professionals. We always had lesser time to spend with our8 year old son. Hence, it was decided to pack our bags and head for a vacation to Nairobi in Kenya.

Kenya Airways
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The most apt carrier for a direct flight was the Kenya Airways in which we booked first-class tickets for the three of us.   Our son was more excited than us. He had only seen parts of Africa on the television with channels such as National Geography and Discovery.  Now he was going to see the same place and its surroundings with his own eyes. I was amused as I heard him inquire if there would be lions and rhinos at the airport!

A Comfortable Arrival At Kenya Before Beginning Our Family Trip

We checked into a 4 star hotel named the Hilton Hotel Nairobi, which was at a distance of 18 kilometers from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Nevertheless, it took us just 25 minutes as the traffic in Nairobi was a blessing when compared to that of London. The Hilton Hotel; the brand-name says it all. There is no need to further describe how we had a relaxing stay before finalizing the spots to visit in Nairobi.

Spots That You Must Definitely Visit While You Are in Nairobi!

My husband asked a staff member at the reception of the hotel, of the best paces in Nairobi, which everyone in our family would enjoy.  The first name he suggested was the Nairobi National Park.  Our son got a special smile from the staff member, while the latter made this comment. It was a place where you could see wild animals in action. Well that’s Africa! Hence we selected a tourist guide on the discretion of the hotel and made our way into the Wilds of Africa.

Nairobi National Museum
Nairobi National Museum | Image Resource:
  • Nairobi National Park: Located approximately 7 kms away from the city, the Nairobi National Park was quiet small in size compared to African standards. But this same size made it preferable for a family vacation like ours. There were lesser chances of getting lost or being exploited by the guide. We could easily get help.  The sanctuary mainly held herbivores such as rhinoceros.  Our son made a face in displeasure.
  • Uhuru Gardens: It took us an entire day at the wildlife sanctuary. After that we moved back to the Hilton Hotel Nairobi to explore places within the city itself. A place that caught our attention was the Uhuru Gardens. It is a large memorial public park that spoke a lot about the history of Kenya.
  • Nairobi National Museum:  If you speak about history, then you should definitely visit the museum, right? This place for me and my husband as the other two related more to our son’s interests. It features all the signs of the country’s heritage.

After a week, we all returned to London. This sure was a memorable trip and it was tremendously needed to get our minds away from the worries of city-life. At times, nature is the best home you can return to, for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.