Explore Something New…Top Attractions in Casablanca!

Synonymous with old charm and colonial grandeur, Casablanca Morocco’s famous city is a perfect destination for tourists who want to experience the present as well as learn about past. The city boasts of architecture and to get a better knowledge go on tour to the parts of Casablanca which are designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Located in the central –western part of morocco bordering the Atlantic Ocean Casablanca is Morocco’s financial epicenter. Quench your curiosity; explore this cosmopolitan city which has lively night clubs and high end boutiques. Beautiful destination provides some of the most rewarding moments for travelers.

The Must Visit Places at Casablanca

Hassan II mosque


Hassan II mosque | Image Resource : askideas.com

Hassan II Mosque is the 13th largest mosque in the world. The mosque can accommodate massive 25,000 worshippers; this is that part of earth where you can find utmost peace and serenity. One can pray on glass floors to see the sea and the roof can be opened to view the stars. Visit this place at sunrise to enjoy the sun rays falling in this amazing place. Prestigious symbol of morocco the minaret of this mosque is 210 meters tall .Completed in 1996 thousands of artists have worked to bring a blend of Islamic and Moroccan architecture. Located on the shoreline this astonishingly, intricately decorated mosque is a must visit for travelers.

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

This magnificent cathedral built in 1930 the stunning building gives an insight about European and Moroccan style architecture. Currently the cathedral is in dilapidated state, the monument is very captivating as it lets us know about this buildings past glory. This architectural masterpiece has two towers which resemble minarets .The grand view from the tower is spectacular.

The old Medina

Travelers nostalgic for a cultural experience must visit this old Moroccan city which has a hidden charm. Experience the spirit of the locals and get lost in maze like alleys where the authentic tradesmen sell their wares to shoppers. This oldest city does not have an exotic atmosphere, is the best place to experience the pulse of local Casablanca people.

La Corniche

La Corniche is a humming beach which has a charm of its own. Located near the famous Hassan II Mosque this pristine shore offers travelers an array of dining experiences. This holiday escape of morocco gives locals a great escape from routine and is the best place for swimming. Stretching for a few miles along the ocean and lined with palm trees La Corniche is a lovely place to take a stroll .

Casablanca…Fly to Gem of Morocco with Royal air maroc booking


Royal Air Maroc Booking | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

Fly to Casablanca which is Morocco’s International airport and is the main gateway into the country. Book cheap flights with Royal air maroc booking which has its headquarters at Casablanca. This Air line which is the Moroccan national carrier as well as the country’s largest Air line. Search, find and book flights to this exciting city and enjoy all the economic prices of this airline.


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